End of Year To-Do List

Analyzing your small business’s achievements, failures, and the near misses at the end of the year is the smartest move you can make to assure future success.

At the top of the To-Do list is one too often overlooked: celebrating employee efforts and the patronage and loyalty of current customers. Good will, praise, and thank you go a long way in terms of a winning attitude.

Office workplace with glasses and plant. Notebook with to do list on wooden table from above, planning and design concept.

Equally important is taking stock and honestly evaluating the past year’s performance. Where did you succeed, where did you fall flat? Write it down, analyze what, when and why — then set new goals based on that evaluation.

For a business to succeed, it must consistently meet consumer needs. The most reliable source to explore those needs is right in your Contacts folder: customers are the best source of new ideas. The end of the year is the best time to have those customer conversations. 

Next, look into new innovations that may have not been previously available to your business or industry, and evaluate their potential value to your operation, such as enhanced data analytics, cloud-based human resources, and customer service software like LiveChat. 

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