Accounting Overview

Using the latest technologies and first-in-class processes and procedures, we offer our clients a calm and focused team with killer time management skills, attention to detail and a laser focus on the client experience.

We are self-oriented toward listening and understanding your industry, sector, and client requirements, and we work hard on those rules and needs.

We’re seasoned enough to practice out-of-the box thinking so you can spend less time thinking about the numbers and more time being the creative entrepreneur you were born to be.

Cloud Accounting software can help you manage and organize your records, but it won’t tell you what your numbers mean or how to improve them. But we can.

Most small businesses do well. Those working with an accountant do better.

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Cash Management

We manage your cash inflow and outflow accurately and on time, plan for future payments and financial stability, and provide the peace of mind of always knowing how much working capital you have on hand.

  • Prepare cash flow projections and what-ifs
  • Maintain detailed records of what comes in and goes out
  • Identify shortcomings and advise prevention tactics
  • Help you identify issues before they become problems
Small business owners need an accountant. Even when they are not always sure why.

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Bookkeeping Services

While you keep your focus on your core business, we tackle the tasks that are crucial to your financial success.

  • Pay the bills and invoice sales while maintaining bullet-proof records
  • Assist with sales tax and payroll compliance matters
  • Reconcile bank, credit and other monetary accounts
  • Document asset acquisitions
  • Monitor Accounts Receivables and Deposits
  • Record depreciation
Our clients want people they trust to pay the bills, keep the books, alert them to potential opportunities or barriers, avoid excess taxation, manage payrolls, and provide peace of mind. Lack of trust is a deal-breaker when choosing an Accountant.

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Financial Statements and Reporting

  • Financial reporting, budgets, and forecasts
  • Analyze data and provide sound financial advice when asked
  • Resolve discrepancies and disputes
Small business owners who are profitable usually work closely with accountants. Those who don’t are often less profitable.

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Year-End Support

We don’t wait until year-end to navigate what is needed at year-end. We turn the daunting into the manageable by managing all the steps in a logical time sequence.

  • Compile records for tax preparer
  • Confirm for revenues and expenses
  • Maintain information and documentation for federal and state tax returns
  • Reconcile Federal and State taxes paid
  • Advise about tax consequences
Small business owners who are absolutely sure that they are growing aren’t always sure they are profitable. A good accountant changes that.

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